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  Friends of Ruaha Society: FORS is a charity based in Tanzania concerned with environmental education in the Iringa region. They collaborated with the Brock Initiative on the film series "Maji ni Uhai", tacking water conservation issues in the region. (www.friendsofruaha.org)

Wildlife Conservation Society: WCS saves wildlife and wild lands. We do so through careful science, international conservation and education. WCS contributed to the filming of "Maji ni Uhai"; the Brock Initiative's pilot Tanzania project.

African Environmental Film Foundation: The AEFF is making films about Africa, which illustrate that without a healthy diverse and productive environment, the people of Africa and the world will not survive. They contributed footage to the Tanzanian Maji ni Uhai project.

Earthwatch Institute (Europe): Earthwatch is an international environmental organisation which engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Earthwatch, specifically the Lakes of the Rift Valley Project, are partners in the Brock Initiative project at Lake Naivasha, Kenya. This project is kindly supported by a grant from the Vodafone Group Foundation (www.vodafonefoundation.org).

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust: Works to save species on the edge of extinction. The Brock Initiative worked with them in Madagascar to produce a film for the local community around Lac Alaotra to help save the critically endangered Gentle Lemur.

Television Trust for the Environment: TVE is a non-profit organisation promoting global awareness of the environment, development, human rights and health issues through the platforms of broadcast television and other audio-visual media. They kindly donated footage for use in a number of Brock Initiative projects in Tanzania.

Filmmakers for Conservation International organisation whose mission is to promote global conservation through the making, broadcasting and distributing of films, and to help conservation organisations and filmmakers worldwide to make more, better-informed, and effective conservation films.

Films That Make a Difference! The online library of conservation films... From a seed sowed by Richard Brock at Wildscreen in 2006, this database is a collaboration between Wildeye, The Brock Initiative, Wildlife-Film.com, American University's Centre for Environmental Filmmaking and Filmmakers for Conservation. We are looking for films that have made or are intent on making, a difference.

Wildlife-film.com Directory The premier wildlife film website, hosting a comprehensive directory of wildlife film freelancers and organisations... Check out the Brock Initiative, Living Planet Productions and Richard Brock listings!

Wildlife Film News A free monthly e-zine with supporting website packed with news and information about the wildlife film-making industry worldwide.

Wildeye Provides unique training workshops and expeditions for aspiring makers of wildlife and conservation films. Wildeye also publishes books on wildlife film-making, including the very useful directory, Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide and Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future which features an article by Richard Brock (p192-198).

The National Film Board of Canada welcomes you to CitizenShift, a new interactive web site that encourages communities to take part in the process of documentary filmmaking.

Biological Imaging Debra Bardowicks is a photographer, web - and publications designer who has worked for the Brock Initiative.

Wildlifeinmotion.com Wildlife cameraman and editor Gareth Trezise. Editor for the Brock Initiative/Living Planet Productions.