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Sunday Times 6/11/11


In July 2011, I attended the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Jersey, in the Channel Islands. The Japanese walked out. Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd was there. Interesting times, with the next confrontation between the two due in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary. Discoverys' all-action series Whale Wars will show it to us, and a movie is now planned with a famous actor in the role of the infamous Captain Watson! He said to me, "We must save the oceans to save ourselves". That footage plus other whale material is now with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) for free use around the world. The media is certainly helping in trying to save the oceans.

New Internationalist - October 2011

Filming with Attitude

All three campaigns are being sucessful. And as each one makes a difference, it adds to the CV and the credibilty of the strategy. The reach of material is now so huge and combined with the collective power of the consumer, it's no wonder large companies and corporations talk a lot about "corporate social responsibility" (CSR). Today greenwash won't wash, if only because those cameras will be back to check. And that's when real damage can be done.

Read my piece on what the future holds from Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future p192-198. here!